The concept

“Bacchus and Minerva” : science supporting pleasures of wine and dining. A unique experience that will dramatically change the way you think about wine and the pleasure you can get by drinking it with your meals at home or at any restaurant.

Bacchus was the roman god of wine and pleasures of life.
Minerva, his half-sister, was the roman goddess of wisdom, science and arts.

Wine, when you drink it with the virtue of moderation (wisdom), is most of the time indubitably a source of pleasure. It is actually the only thing it can be, It is its unique purpose. But, if you acquire the little fundamental knowledge it needs to understand why certain wines are so delicious for some people and different ones for others and how they can always make beautiful pairings with food, the pleasure you will get out of wine will be dramatically greater.

Bacchus and Minerva were really made to play together !


Make the most out of your trip to Burgundy by taking a few hours to get this knowledge it needs to understand how to really get real pleasure out of wine and food and wine pairings.

Because you always understand and remember things much better if you experience them with all your senses, we are organizing every day three short sessions of two hours of tasting conferences. These will always be in little groups to interact easily. After that, you will clearly understand why you like the wines you like and how you can always enjoy them with nearly any food. This experience will surely change for your lifetime the way you think about wines and the pleasure you can have from it.

So, if you are passing near Montbard, in Burgundy (Cote-d’Or), don’t miss the taste conferences “Bacchus & Minerva”.